Katelynn is an artist that spends most of her time exploring her subconscious state when creating her work—often relying on her instincts and intuition as a guide. She is influenced by her conflicting perception of life’s cruel, but beautiful reality. Being heavily appreciative of rebellious punk ideology, dark art, and tattoo culture—she often questions the true confines of art. Due to her nonconformist mindset, she remains heavily committed to creating exploratory artwork that is ripe with authenticity and passion.

Katelynn aims to use imagery as a way of questioning the status quo and forcing herself and viewers to immerse themselves in emotion that is most often buried deep inside. Often times this imagery echoes stories of her childhood traumas, anxieties surrounding identity, substance abuse, and heartbreak. Her work is an honest conversation between her present and past self. Katelynn likes for her work to speak for itself—for the viewer to give the work their own meaning based off of the raw emotion they have experienced.